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Öhlmühle Hamlitsch GmbH & Co KG

Öhlmühle Hamlitsch GmbH & Co KG
Öhlmühle Hamlitsch GmbH & Co KG

About Us

More than 80 years ago when times were not that easy and the region was predominantly agricultural, Richard Praßl established his oil mill in western Styria.

With it he not only founded the economic basis for his family but also became a profitable partner for the consumers and the famers of his area. Because quality has always been a top priority he built a hydraulic oil press which was, for those times, very modern. After his demise in 1944 his widow, Bertha Praßl, continued to run the enterprise. Josef Hamlitsch joined the firm in 1948 as an accountant and soon progressed to managing director. It was thanks to his commitment that many retailers were convinced to sell the products themselves and that exchange drops were set up throughout the whole of western Styria. In this way he was able not only to secure the economic situation of the company but also to greatly increase profits.

In 1955 Josef Hamlitsch took over the lease of the company. In 1964 his son Guntram began to work in the oil mill and became a corporate member in 1971. By the time the Hamlitsch family bought the company in 1972 they had, thanks to the high quality of the products, already earned an excellent reputation. After Guntram Hamlitsch took over the company in 1979 it was modernised to meet current requirements.

The quality of the purchased raw materials, the care taken with the processing and the excellent taste of the end products are what guarantee the success story of this company. These values are also the core of the company philosophy followed by Guntram Hamlitsch jun. who took over the mill from his father in 2000. In the meanwhile the company has advanced to one of the best suppliers of pumpkin seed products. It was decided that to keep up with the times new, modern and innovative premises were to be built in the Commercial Centre in Deutschlandsberg, so as to be prepared for the challenges today's market brings with it.

After only 5 months of construction the company moved into its new premises on 16 August 2007. Not only are the methods of production technology now cutting edge but also the adjoining shop with its diverse range of products is well worth seeing. More than 80 years of Ölmühle Hamlitsch mean not only a success story for a local company in the region. More than that, it means knowledge and experience about the production and refinement of local products gathered over generations and above all more than 80 years of experience in handling our "Precious Oil".

Quality instead of Quantity – that is our motto

Quality and its continual monitoring and testing plays a very special role in our company. Explicit guarantees of origin, the highest quality of the raw materials (pumpkin seeds) and the authenticity of the products guarantee you the very best of pure oils. Our company has been certified by the Quality Austria Gmbh for our Quality Management, Environmental Management and Safety Management since 2009. Implementation and maintenance of a management system which is oriented towards continual improvement and which takes the demands of all stakeholders into consideration is the basis for this certification.

The seal of quality "Steirisches Kürbiskernöl ggA" is protected throughout Europe and stands for proven origin of the pumpkin seeds as well as a guarantee for 100% pure pumpkin seed oil from the first pressing. In addition to our own quality checks, this protected designation of origin is monitored annually by the association "Gemeinschaft Steirisches Kürbiskernöl g.g.A." by way of an external, accredited control authority.

Furthermore our company is subject to regular checks by the officials of Austria Bio-Garantie who check the organic quality of our suppliers' raw materials.

The annual external IFS certification, continual internal testing (from delivery controls, including computerized traceability management system, to production quality controls) and continual examination of the raw materials and the finished products by the state accredited control authority Dr. Franz Siegfried Wagner guarantee the constantly high standard of quality of our products.

Our demand for high level quality forms the basis for YOUR satisfaction and this is of foremost importance to us, as a company. Our employees are trained to respond to the needs of our customers, within feasibility. In addition to quality, both in raw materials and finished products, flexibility is another of our strengths, our ability to react quickly to requests, is appreciated by numerous customers. With the construction of our new production unit we have the best work conditions and environment for our employees – a prime factor for best quality products. But we haven’t only taken into account our employees, we also thought about our suppliers. Thanks to fair and good trade negotiations and assistance between contract-farmers and ourselves throughout the process, from the planting to the bottling, we have developed good stable relationships.

Institute Dr. Wagner – Technical Bureau for Foodstuffs Technology and Organic Technology/Chemical Laboratory

Responsibility for our environment

As a family business we try to work also for the next generation. If each individual in its frame helps many of our problems can be solved, we are convinced.

An accountable shopping, you can change many things. The oil mill Hamlitsch takes responsibility and offers organically produced products that help our opinion, long-term problems to solve.

One of our problems is the BEES DYING, which shows that the chosen path of the last decades is not the right one. It is important to get back to near-natural food production to ensure the bees and us and our next generations a natural habitat.

This way you can help by shopping regionally, close to nature (bio), do not use pesticides, leave meadows and support the club bee protection garden.

We also carry in our framework to this:

Electricity from our own system
To ensure the best storage conditions for pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oil it is useful to have a constant temperature in our warehouses. Especially in summer we need much energy. Since today our photovoltaic system is working and produces 15.000kWh. So the oil mill Hamlitsch avoids 13,460 kg of CO2 emissions per year in the future.

Switch to LED lighting
In order to reduce the electricity needs further, we have changed our lighting to LED this year. This also reduces the CO2 emissions.

Local raw materials
For our products we only use domestic seeds to avoid long transport distances and to produce high quality products.

In our opinion it is important to support the organic idea. Therefore, we have been producing organic-oils for years. Since 2014 we have two new organic products in the assortment: organic pumpkin seed pesto and organic hempseed oil.

We support the protection of bees garden again as a sponsor for the information video, or the project "Flowering Landscape Bee & Co." and we operate private 3 bees weighing.

Of course we will try to continue in that direction. You are very welcome to visit our showroom to see our production, our products and our philosophy.

Ölmühle Hamlitsch GmbH & Co KG | Wirtschaftspark 28, A-8530 Deutschlandsberg / Steiermark | Tel. +43 (0) 3462 / 2386 | Email:
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