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Pumpkin seed tiramisu

1/8 l readymade blancmange/custard, ¼ l mascarpone, 100g whipped cream, 40g icing sugar, 30g pumpkin seed oil, 50g roasted and finely ground pumpkin seeds, 30 sponge fingers (ladyfinger).Extra whipped cream and ground pumpkin seeds for decoration
For soaking: ¼ l strong coffee, 8cl rum, 50g sugar

Mix the blancmange/custard, mascarpone, icing sugar and pumpkin seed oil together well, add the whipped cream and pumpkin seeds. Line a loaf tin with greaseproof paper or clingfilm. Start with a layer of soaked sponge fingers and then a layer of cream mixture. Continue until all of the biscuits and mixture have been used (4-5 layers). Caution: only soak the biscuits quickly in the coffee otherwise they will become too soft. Place in fridge for at least 4 hours. To serve, remove from tin and slice. Decorate with ground pumpkin seeds and whipped cream.

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